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No matter if you are a new or experienced diver, buying new scuba equipment is always exciting! Let us hook you up with Quality Scuba Equipment that will accompany you on all your adventures!

Experience World-Class Diving in Asia!
We will love for you to join us on our scuba trips.
We can also assist you with your diving plans and provide recommendations.

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Nitrox Course @ $199

Minimise the risk of decompression sickness and learn to manage the oxygen in your system as you dive. This speciality will teach you all the necessary procedures for planning dives and using nitrox safely.

Deep Blue Scuba Nitrox

Experience Bali

Dive Inn Bali is a dive centre, resort and travel services located only 2 hours by transport service from the airport. It is close to the famous Liberty Wreck and other dive locations around Tulamben.

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taking the first leap?

The Open Water Diver course is the most basic certification you can get as an independent recreational diver and it is recognized worldwide. You do not need to be extra fit to qualify, just in regular health.

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Which Brand Fits You?

Deep Blue Scuba has a wide array
of diving gear and equipment -
more choices, more fun!

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Exploring the Depths?

Bali is Indonesia’s top scuba diving destination and with good reason. Imagine the multifarious dive sites, crystal clear water, a diverse array of marine life from the tiniest pygmy seahorses to the deep sea mola mola or sunfish, with crazy currents to boot. Set against one of the many beautiful islands, beaches, volcanoes and green terraced paddy fields. Prepare to fall in love!

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