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Scuba Diving Jobs

Why us?

Change your way of life and start a lifetime of adventure in the scuba diving industry here in Singapore.

Being based in Singapore is awesome! Why, you may ask? Because Singapore is not only a well connected, vibrant city, it is also a stones throw away from some of the world’s most exotic dive destinations!

And Deep Blue Scuba has been around in Singapore since 1996, pretty ancient for a dive business (: We have been growing and are always on the look out for good people to join us in Deep Blue!

Dive Management Associate Program

Change your life today!

As the skills needed in this industry are so unique, Asia Dive Academy created a program 4 years ago to address these needs. This is the best version yet. Introducing, the Dive Management Program!

The DMA Program is an 8 month program which takes you from a non-diver all the way to an instructor with skills from multiple areas needed to be successful in this industry.