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The destination on many Divers' Checklist

Diving in Maldives is an unforgettable experience that should be experienced by all. It is on many scuba diving checklists for its stunning oceans, white sand beaches, crystal clear waters, coral reefs and marine life, making it one of the best diving sites in the globe.

More About Dive Maldives

Majestic creatures will welcome you to the oceans of Maldives. Manta Rays can be easily seen along with various species of sharks, rays, turtles and fishes. Barracudas and Whitetip Reef Sharks can be photographed beneath the clear waters alongside colourful fishes like Angelfish, Butterfly Fish, Clownfish, Parrotfish, Spotfin Lionfish, Oriental Sweetlip and many others.

Feast your eyes on the beautiful corals with its high density of marine life and pristine reefs. From Brain, Cup, Staghorn, Whip, Star, Sea Fans, Carnation, Tree, Bubble Corals and Sea Pens, you can observe more stunning living structure reefs.

A popular way to fully experience the Maldives is by liveaboard which will surely bring you the best that Maldives has to offer.

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Best time to dive is between November and May.
But diving is possible all year round.